Miss Perfect

perfect body

Perfect eyes, perfect lips, perfect nose, perfect face, perfect body… blah, blah, blah. How do we really know what is perfect? How can one measure perfection? I have come to believe that perfection, as regards physical appearance, is TOTALLY relative. I am learning to never compare my physical appearance with anyone’s; whether you’re as hot as hell or as cool as the icecaps. I mean, who am I to place myself in that position? I didn’t create myself, I can’t create a human being, (I can’t even mold a stick!). So why should I compare myself to you or you to me? The concept is just ridiculous. If we’re given the opportunity to create a person, how perfect would the person look? And if the person is perfect to you, does that mean your creation will be perfect to me? You see why the idea of static physical perfection is pure deceit.

Most times, ladies have the unhealthy habit of trying to make themselves attractive to the society but I think this is a flawed mindset. Why should anyone place such power in the hands of a system that is ever changing? Love yourself enough to look good for yourself; I tell you, this strengthens confidence much more than trying to look good in the sight of others.

It really amazes me when I see people cutting others down because of their body type. If a person has an overweight problem or is very thin, I am pretty sure they are very aware of the fact. It’s the same society we try so hard to please that would still say stuff like:

“OMG, girl you’re so big!”

“Look how thin you are; your collar bones are like razors!”

“Fatty bombom.”

“You’re too thin, go and fatten up.”

“Fat and furious.”

“This your nose ehn, e too big.”

The world system has this illusion of perfection ever before our faces and it has made it totally impossible to reach.

This is the truth: you are perfect in your own distinct way; God made sure of that. God doesn’t make copies of copies, he is very intentional about every single one of us and he made us master pieces. If there is nothing to compare a thing with, isn’t it automatically perfect? That’s the way we should see ourselves. If we compare ourselves to no one, we’ll know true perfection. One of the bedrocks of a happy life is self-acceptance. If you can’t change the way you look then accept it; believe me, it would save you a whole lot of headache. Accept your body, take care of it and pray for it.

Wendy (III) coming soon. 🙂

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  1. Excellent. A standard of physical perfection is an illusion. Superb point you made when you said “Hey if we could create another human how perfect would the person look?” we might see the person as perfect but others might not hold the same view 😀 so do you. Thanks

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  2. Of a recent, i have this idea of how perfect God is when it comes to how different our faces are even in our millions. Jeez that Guy is perfect. Never knew someone close was having that same idea.
    Great piece MM

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  3. Firstly, I would say thumbs up to this creative and beautiful lady. Of a truth most people including myself have in one way or the other tried to measure up with standards of the society but I thank God that I was able to see the real me through God’s eyes. I think as humans we first need to love ourselves for who we are and then ignore snide comments about our perfect/inperfect body. God molded us the way he wants us to look like and he has a reason for that. Thanks Miss Ogbuenyi

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