Games and Competition

video-game_2141739bOnce in a while, I and my bro use our leisure time to play a certain video game; Injustice: Gods Among Us. I’m not particularly good at video games, when I see the amount of command I have to put to memory, I loose heart. Injustice was the only one I agreed to play because games like: Need for Speed or God of War, just didn’t sit well with me. I obliged my bro to play the game out of curiosity and for the fun of it. And at first, it was fun; I played not to win, but to simply enjoy myself. Then, I noticed something as we continued to play, I began to get very competitive. What I didn’t know was that, it was the beginning of my undoing. My brother was a pro at anything video games and I was in over my head, but I still wanted to win so badly.

As it happened, my bro kept giving me the trashing of my life. No matter how determined and revved up I get before the game, I almost always end up losing. Sure, on rear occasions, I’ll manage to win by a hair’s breadth, but every time that happened, my bro would get an ultimate comeback- completely annihilating me on the next round. Since I like winning, this annoyed me so much. And my bro wasn’t helping matters; he loved to gloat.


So something I started out as fun turned out to be a frustrating venture and another branch of me trying to prove my awesomeness. Why am I saying all these? I believe this is how most people act. They try to compete with people in the areas of their strength, totally forgetting that those people are bound to excel in that area. We on the other hand, are not so gifted on the said area, yet we try so hard to outdo the other person. This is and always will be a source of major frustration in many lives. For example, I love watching people dance. It fascinates me how they’re in sync with the music, and the whole dance thing just flows. I appreciate the talent and applaud them, but nothing in this world would make want to compete with them in that area. I rather stick with doing my “crazy” moves in the privacy of my privacy (no be competition). You get my point?

I’ve noticed that when something is truly your talent, there’s a kind of flow and enjoyment you find when you’re smack-dab in the middle of it. I’m not saying you should focus on your talents alone and forget the rest, no. I’m saying you should approach everything with a light spirit. If it turns out to be not so good, no wahala; applaud yourself for what you were able to do, and keep burning bright in the areas of your strength. If you like doing the activity, do it, but eliminate that unhealthy competitive spirit. Enjoy the process and encourage those who seem to do that task effortlessly. If you get unnecessarily competitive, it would make God’s peace not to manifests in your life and it’ll also make you ungrateful and blind to your own abilities.

Woman beating her fiance while playing video games

Though my bro did me injustice by gloating, I did myself more injustice by taking it too serious. So how did I go about the whole game thing? I stopped playing the game for a long time (yes, I hate losing that bad). But, few days ago, I picked up the game pad, and played away a little bit of my seriousness. Turns out, as I determined in my heart to enjoy my bro give me the trashing of a life time, it wasn’t so bad. I started getting better, and it was even more fun, cause I began to give him a little taste of his medicine by winning a few rounds. Remember, If at all you’re going to do anything, resolve in your heart to enjoy it. …Happy December, Fam.


P.S. Wendy VII, coming up.


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