Today I was browsing through Instagram when I saw a very disheartening post. A toddler was rescued from sex traffickers and from what I could see in the picture, the little girl looked to be about three years. She had been raped and beaten, sustaining horrific injuries including broken bones and damage to her internal organs. I felt as if my heart was being punched after reading that post. How a person could have the heart to do that kind of great wickedness to a child was…I don’t even know the word to use! I began to wonder how she would go through life with such a traumatic experience hanging over her head. I wondered about her parents, her family. How would they recover? I couldn’t even begin to imagine how she would have felt when that monster did that to her.

Once I was at church listening to our pastor preach and he called those caught in the web of sex trade “victims,” but a man sitting next to me called them prostitutes under his breath (and he said it with spite). People like that man who sat beside me (the ones who are obsessed with another’s sin) are the reason those “sinners” refuse to come to Christ- they make Jesus look so bad. What they refuse to realize is the fact that these women in the sex trade didn’t come out from their mother’s womb crying to be molested or used over and over again by some heartless folks. Some were stolen from their homes and shipped away to another country; they had their passports ceased and they were forced to “work” for their freedom before their passports could be handed back to them.

Let me ask this question: if it was you that was forced from a young age to keep sleeping with men in order to gain your freedom, would you want to go back home after such a terrible existence? Wouldn’t you worry if your society would accept you despite your history? These women end up embracing this brutal fate that has been forced upon them because they believe they have no choice. I think it’s extremely unfair to look at these women like some evil women of the night that just love what they do. Most of them never imagined that as a possible future…life simply happened to them. I’m sure Jesus understood this truth that’s why he never bashed and cut down all those sinful women that came to him, he simply forgave their sins and treated them like actual human beings.

Let’s change the way we view these people; they are victims of the wickedness of humanity. Even if they walked into prostitution with their eyes wide open, overlook that fact. How many times have we walked into wrong decisions with our eyes wide open? Is it because God delivered us from our foolishness or because the consequences were not so glaring for the world to see? Are these the reasons we think we’re better than a person who chose to sell her body?

Let’s pray for those kidnapped for this purpose. I can still remember when I watched Taken 1 (the one with Liam Neeson as the lead actor), I was depressed for days; Images of girls in little filthy shacks, heavily drugged and used over and over again made me feel sick and angry. When I think of the girls terrorist kidnap, I try hard not to imagine what they are going through but I find that impossible to do…thoughts of those devils violating their body keeps filling my head. What do I do when their plight attack my mind? I pray. I try to put myself in their shoes, even though I know I can never know how it really feels. Don’t be sad or angry for nothing, pray with compassion in your heart and act after praying.

There are several non-profit organization that rescue these victims, try to donate. If you can’t donate, look around you, children and young adults may be trafficked under your nose and you wouldn’t even know. Treat the innocent ones like your own children, be watchful. Let me add this point: if for some odd reasons you find yourself sexually attracted to children, please go get help. Tell God, tell your pastor, visit a psychiatrist or psychologist…whatever; just get help. Selah


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  1. Precious… Can we start an online campaign for this? Honestly, i’ve had similar burden…
    Notwithstanding that a lot of girl/lady trafficking & sexual abuse go on secretely on daily basis…infact, its only like about 1 in every 10cases that’s been known, or made public and reported…
    Do you know that its not just the females that are affected; There are also female-rape gang! Female-sex workers…I mean, there are ladies/women who lure and force young boys into sex…I WAS ALMOST A VICTIM OF THIS WHEN I WAS MUCH YOUNGER… Though, this boy-sexual abuse is not common! But certainly, its happening whether we believe it or yes!
    The future trauma these young innocent victims would undergo, should propel us into an action! Lets fight this monster devouring our younger society!
    Thank you for this article. God bless you, namesy!

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