The Housewife Question


Once, when traveling past airport road Abuja, I saw two Fulani women who looked to be in their late forties. These women were carrying huge calabashes on their heads and they were topless. When I say topless, I don’t mean they were wearing a bra or something- I mean they were naked from the waist up. These women didn’t appear to care about women’s right or the craze about finding purpose. I noticed that they looked content with their lives.

When my sister worked as a nurse, she told me of a woman who became crippled after giving birth to her tenth child. This woman and her husband had been warned that if she took in again she would likely be unable to use her legs. My sister said she wasn’t surprised when she saw the woman come back for antenatal. Both she and her husband didn’t seem to care; in fact, her husband had two other wives who would produce more offspring.

Why am I sharing this? I’ve come to realize that there are some women who would always choose be full housewives and give birth to lots of children. In their eyes, they see this as a great achievement. When a more ‘enlightened’ woman feels that these women are suffering, she is mistaken.


There are women who want to work and be out there in the field, and there are others who want to be housewives. If you come chanting “Women’s Rights”, it might surprise you that these women you’re trying to enlighten do not feel cheated in any way. The fact that they gave birth to many children is like a feather in their cap. When we bring a bulb to illuminate the life of a person who believes she’s living in sunshine, it becomes a useless venture. The same goes for those who love to bash working class women.

When a woman has a healthy ambition, it doesn’t mean she is proud or does not care about her home. Such ambitious women are human beings who have the right to be awesome at something other than home making. When a woman who has the desire to work is confined to being only a housewife, she might become a shadow of the person she was before she got married. She may accept her lot and go about her duties but there would be a kind of loss she would keep feeling.

Dear woman, if you are the housewife kind of person, feel no shame. If you have a healthy ambition, do not douse the flame because of what others think. Walk in the light of what God has equipped you to do. If God gave you the ambition, he’ll provide the strength to achieve what you desire. Selah.

The Exodus (II) is on its way. If you haven’t read the first issue, you can catch up by clicking on this link. Gracias.

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  1. Hmmmmm… good insight but what happens when the lady that sees giving birth as her achievement in life is unable to conceive (for one reason or another) or the one who thinks her home is her life loses that home through the wiles of an irresponsible husband The repercussions from within and without will be most devastating. I hope those that see her worth beyond child bearing and home making will be there to bear her up

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    1. I am the ambitious kind. I believe a woman should find her worth in more unshakable things and not just her home. But I’ve realized that some women would not change their preconceived notions so its best to let them find happiness (or sadness) in the path they choose. Not every woman would accept enlightenment and life teaches them too late. To be a house wife is not a bad idea but to build your life on that alone would be most devastating.
      Hope say I answer am well? 😀

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