Marriage (author: Peter Ishe)

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Marriage was God’s decision toward man. Man did not walk up to God and say, “I am lonely in this garden, so I need a helper or someone to chat with”. Neither did God ask man whether he needed someone to chat with.
God saw that man was alone and He said, “It is not good for man to live alone. I need to make a suitable partner for him”.(Gen. 2:18). After making this observation, God did ask Adam what kind of ‘partner’ should be made for him.
If He did, Adam might have said, “Fair, tall and beautiful” (just thinking;)).
But God, being the creator and almighty, sat and thought of a way to do it (i.e. By making man to sleep throughout the process and taking from his rib).
Could it be that God never wanted man to see what He was doing? Or… maybe God thought, “If man is awake, he will still want to talk me through the process of this creation” (just thinking again:)).
I hope I am not practising heresy here?
Here are the points I am trying to make:     
1. God was the one that decided whether Adam was ready for Eve. You may feel ready (as a man/woman) but God may still find a way to delay you because He knows you are not as ready as you think.
2. In making this decision, God does not seek your consent as regards to the kind of wife/husband He wants to give you. That is why He wants you to be asleep (not literally though) by being in the dark about who He is preparing for you.
3. God took from Adam to create Eve. He probably did this so man will not have any excuse if the partner  begins to misbehave. I believe that’s why God did not punish Eve alone when she was deceived by the serpent. They both got their share of the punishment.
So in order to be connected to the right partner that God has designed for you, Trust Him to make the right decision for you. Peace!
Written by Peter Ishe.

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