When The Food Does Not “Reach” You


Have you ever been to a party where you got skipped as refreshments were being served? If you haven’t, allow me to paint a picture for you. I’ll create a typical Nigerian party scenario and relate it with the gifts that God gives us.

In a party where the refreshments are already pre-packaged, the women who serve the food would come with rock hard faces and begin to distribute food as if it’s a boot camp. The only time they’ll manage a smile is when they see someone they know (they NEVER skip familiar faces).

So when they begin to share and they skip you, you tell yourself it was a mere over sight and not intentional. You chose to comfort yourself with the fact that you’ll at least get drinks. But when the drinks finally come, you get skipped again. By now, you’ll begin to ask yourself questions like:

“Why I come this yeye party sef?”

“Why must it be me that was skipped?!”

In short, to crown it all, you managed to get water. You look at the water in your hand then humbly begin to sip it. After all, not everyone was fortunate enough to get ordinary water.

When it’s a buffet party, you say, “Praise the Lord”. At least this time you get to serve yourself… or so you think. You see, some parties are not worthy to be called “Buffet Party” because you don’t get to serve yourself! They have these ladies with fake smiles dishing microscopic food in your plate and smiling about it.

The queue is as long as the river Niger and you’re almost the last on the line. You are an optimistic person, so you hope and pray that the egusi soup does not finish before it gets to your turn. But in your very presence, the egusi soup finishes before half the line gets served!

Again, you hope that the moinmoin (bean cake) doesn’t finish but those in front seem to read your mind. They all immediately add two mighty wraps of moinmoin to their meals just to spite you. 😀

You cheer yourself with the fact that good ol’ rice and meat is still remaining; but lo and behold when you were the second to get served the person in front of you took the last meat! Then those serving the food would say something like: “Ah…we’re so sorry o. Meat has finished. Just serve yourself with what is left, the meat is on its way.”

You are fuming but you try hard not to let it show. You wouldn’t want others to think you like food too much. So when you go back to your seat with your meatless meal, you tell yourself that you do not care; after all, you have food at home. But it’s not true. You actually care… you wanted to get food.

This same party scenario can be used to explain some people’s beliefs concerning the gifts that God gives. To them, when God was giving gifts, he had a scowl on his face and he (for no reason) chose to overlook them. So when they see others doing awesome stuffs, they either burn with envy, feel sorry for themselves or feel nothing at all.

That ain’t right. When God was giving gifts he didn’t skip you intentionally or by oversight. He didn’t. God has given everyone marvelous gifts and excellent abilities. God is not partial. He doesn’t say:

“Ade, take this awesome gift. Boniface, you will have nothing because I don’t like your face.” or “You will have nothing because your name is Boniface.” No. God gives freely. He loves equally. The reason why you think you do not have any ability or talent is because you have not asked God to open your eyes to it.

God graciously blesses people with abilities and talents whether we think they deserve it or not. If you are stuck looking at another person’s gift and spending all your waking minute obsessing about it, you would NEVER see yours. It’s not our place to wonder why those who do not acknowledge God seem to be basking in awesome abilities. Nope. Face your life and you will see you also have good stuff.

Some things we think we can’t do, we can do them. The only reason we think we can’t do them is because we have this sick belief that there’s nothing unique about us. Some gifts remain hidden in us and we never discover them because we are like: “Me ke? What can this ode person do that is unique?” Then we bury our head in the sand and live almost invisible lives. When we are finally gone, no one even notices. Resist that!

We learnt from the ‘parable of the talents’ that everyone is given something. God created you to add your own unique flavor to this world, to be awesome and to bless people with your gifts.

You are a “familiar” face to God, you are never lost in the crowd. HE WILL NEVER SKIP YOU. In his “party” no one is skipped and “meat” never finishes. Trust God. He wants you to shine. He wants every single one of his children to shine.

Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your own life.

Gal 6v5 (MSG)

Feel free to share your thoughts on parties and God’s gifts. Don’t forget to share if this made sense to you. God bless ya’ll. 😉

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  1. Lol. This is so true. We then use the ‘I don’t care’ and ‘I’m not a glutton ‘ line but deep down we’re fuming and it’s so awesome to know that our God isn’t a partial God and he has given every one a talent. Big ups Nk. Love this piece

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