The Monster Is Not Under The Bed


When I was undergoing a certain training, I tapped in on a conversation that made my blood turn cold. On that day, I was seated at the front row while I overheard the interaction between a certain elderly Muslim man and some teenagers  (the teenagers were of both religions.)

This man was telling these guys why child marriage is a good and acceptable practice. He said a large percentage of fourteen year old girls are already sleeping around, and it only makes sense to marry them off instead of letting them sin.

My ear started ringing when I heard that, but it only got worse. When one of them tried to object,  this pedophile told him he hadn’t seen anything. He said he could take them to a hotel where they would see 9 and 10 year old girls that are being slept with. He even insinuated that these little girls enjoy being molested, and that age shouldn’t be a factor when judging if a girl’s “eyes has opened”.

At this point, I wanted to turn around, snatch his cap and use it to flog some sense into his bald pedophile head. But I sat still like a coward, staring at the projector screen with useless fury boiling in my veins. I just wept in my heart for those little girls stuck in a hotel somewhere here in Abuja.

I wondered how wicked people could get and still sleep at night. I never looked at that man the same again. He reminded me of a predator- a spineless human who preys on the weak to feel strong and satisfy his twisted sexual desires.


The conversation didn’t end like that though. Those teenage boys he was trying to indoctrinate into his disgusting fetish disagreed with his ideals. They were young adults who had their heads in music, video games and computers, but they still had enough wisdom to see the madness of the man.

They said if it was up to them, they would never let their sister get married if she’s below eighteen. They went further to say they wouldn’t budge even if their sister wants the marriage, that she’ll be made to go to school instead of marrying early.

When I heard this, I wanted to shout “Hallelujah” and hug those guys tight. I rejoiced in the fact that we have young people who think straight regardless of their religion. Compassion is a human trait, it’s not something chained to religion. Compassion helps us try to see through the eyes of the oppressed, to feel the hurt at their feet if we’re in their shoes.

Even if these little girls “like” the whole molestation shit, it’s because an adult ruined them, an adult stole their innocence. If a person is inconsiderate and compassionless, he’ll always use his religion (or whatever personal belief) to justify his wickedness and make it look acceptable.

Let’s not stop talking. Our silence means acceptance. Let’s keep writing and speaking like it was our sisters or daughters that were forcefully taken and married off. Like a broken record, our voices should be a torment; we should not let them rest until they see the shame and wickedness of their actions, until they recognise their own insanity. Pedophilia is not normal.

I still wonder what hotel those girls are stuck in… little girls with monsters on their beds.

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