Breathing After the Pain

Image source: pinterest 

When that sad event occured it consumed you. You walked around with it, a balloon of black tied to your heart strings. It pulled at your mind, guiding you -choking you.

It’s constricting presence sucked your essence, draining you like a ferocious parasite. Finding solace in its hollow embrace, you spread its disease -refusing to suffer alone.

The happy disgust you. They do not know life’s pain, they are soft and untouched by cruelty. You discard their opinion like yesterday’s news. Mr Happy-Bubble knows nothing of floating in the ‘sweet’ void of despair. 

Cynical, bitter, secluded, harsh, depressed. A canvas of hurt, painting of sorrow. Sadness became your friend, darkness erased your light.
But who told you? Who told you Mr Happy-Bubble knows no pain? Miss Rainbow lived among grey clouds. A sorrowful soul she once was. 

Release the sadness bit by agonising bit. Breathe in pleasant wisps of gladness. It’s a step by step thing, not a mad dash. Allow life’s little joys brighten your eyes, let it heal your soul. 

Cause if you, my friend, carefully looked at it, you’d see it wasn’t their happiness that sickened you, or their smiles for that matter. No. It was your lack of it that watered your scorn and fueled the fire of your bitterness. 

Life’s too long to be melancholic all the time, and it’s too short a story to dwell in a corner. Get up, fight the darkness with the Light. He is in that valley with you not high up in the sky, detached and unfeeling.

The betrayal, physical pain, abandonment, he has felt it all. Throw out the crap they told you about him. Jesus is way cooler, far more understanding. He is so real and relatable you wouldn’t believe it.  

Be free.  Live, breathe, laugh, and love. 

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