They Are Riling Us Up, Yet We Do Nothing

Here’s President Buhari not-so-shocking statement on Nigerian youths at the Commonwealth Conference at London. 👇
“More than 60 percent of the population is below 30, a lot of them haven’t been to school and they are claiming that Nigeria is an oil producing country, therefore, they should sit and do nothing, and get housing, healthcare, education free.”
This made me wonder…
I wonder why he didn’t say “In 2017 the country made a total of 3.3 billion dollars in crude oil sales but a large amount of the populace still live in poverty. I admit that that’s an indication of failure on my part as a leader”
Just read that again: 3.3 BILLION DOLLARS and that’s just in crude sales. What about tax revenues? Where is the money going to?
Why didn’t he tell the world how those at the pinnacle of power are so bloody corrupt and selfish that they use up the country’s wealth for themselves and award contracts to bogus companies who have proved time without number that they are in fact VERY incompetent?
Why? Oh, I know, he falls within the bracket of those at the pinnacle of power.
When a people’s hope have been so thoroughly crushed over and over again, hope becomes a dreaded thing. We don’t even want to hope least our heart suffer disappointment.
When last has the government given “housing, healthcare or education for free”? How can we long for a thing we have never had the pleasure of experiencing? We hear of the glory days (when Mr President happened to be in his youth), how those who found themselves fortunate enough to be in a somewhat functioning educational system enjoyed certain benefits. Were the Nigerian youth existing then? I mean, we have been so soaked and baptised in the very meaning of the word “disappointment” that such benefits seem like an impossible dream.
It’s wrong, wrong and exceedingly unfair to keep making such tactless statement about a group of people that constitute up to 60 percent of the populace. Do you know what 60 percent of the population of Nigeria is? Over a 100 million.
When I hear such crass words, I begin to wonder if they know. Do they know the average Nigerian youth is already thoroughly beaten down by the system that they have no desire to fight for their collective good? Do they know the average Nigerian youth is able to sell their sense of rightness all in a bid to survive the next day, week or month? This is what happens when hopelessness hits deep and becomes a part of us, like blood flowing in our veins.
Those who ought to look after us are busy clamouring for wealth and hiding behind the veneer of moral rightness. They think we cannot see their hypocrisy. The only time they think of us is when they are looking for who to use; they sing our praises and promise lies.
The president lived his youth and benefited from the system. Now in his ancient age, he has turned us to donkeys he rides and beats. And you know the sick thing? He expects us to laugh through it all and say, “Thank you sir, come 2019, we would vote for you.”
We are so needy that a man who cares so little for us can be so certain of our votes. And I also fear that he will be voted again…then the suffering, double standards, and insults would continue in double folds.
We need help. I have no other country than the one I found myself. I actually love Nigeria with all my soul, I know that sounds masochistic but it’s true. It’s times like this that I think of the  words of Chinua Achebe and wish the average Nigerian youth realise this truth:
“The masses own the nation because they own the numbers. And when they move they would do it knowing that God loves them or He would not have made so many of them.”
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