Nezzar II

A royal wedding between Princess Amytis and Prince Nebuchadnezzar turns into a battle for survival when the Prince becomes a tyrannical ruler. Princess Amytis fights to protect her people, but an ancient god threatens to destroy everything in its path. Will the kingdoms survive?



What if?
What if the gods of Egypt existed? A house of hulking vicious deities fighting for dominance and obsessing over power?

What if a son of Pharaoh escaped the tenth plague, choosing to take refuge in the midst of the slaves oppressed by his father?

It was 1446 B.C.; the year of Israel's exit, standoff among gods, and the rise of Egyptian queens.


Jezebel, a Sidonian queen, is feared and worshiped for her ruthless ways. When she marries King Ahab, she sees an opportunity to control him and his kingdom. But as war breaks out between the gods and angels, Jezebel's true intentions are revealed. She will stop at nothing to gain power, even if it means sacrificing those she claims to love. King Ahab is oblivious to the danger, blinded by his love for his wife. Will he realize the truth before it's too late, or will Jezebel's treachery consume them both?


Lotanna tugged at the collar of her school uniform, counting with each pull.  “Three hundred and three. Three hundred and four. Three hundred and five…” Held loosely in her left hand was a test sheet.  0/10.  “The method was what was important. It doesn’t matter that your final answer was correct. And stop repeating what... Continue Reading →

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