Nezzar II

627 BC, Babylon Nabopolassar's hands were crimson with the blood of his enemies when the news reached him. He pierced the earth with his battle axe and turned to face the messenger fully. "Speak one more time, boy. Tell me again." The boy of about thirteen smiled, his weather-beaten skin stretching with the action. "You... Continue Reading →

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878 BC. Sidon From her place behind the gauzy curtain, Jezebel took in his general appearance--his bland expression, graceful fingers that constantly pushed stubborn locks off a strong forehead, and deep pink lips that were pressed in a flat line. He was the youngest at the gathering, maybe a few years older than she was.... Continue Reading →

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SACRIFICE ...all "good" things come to the desperate... Somewhere in West Africa 1679 “It's a girl,” the midwife mumbled in a raspy voice. She was a short woman with a bent back, and withered skin much like dates—shrivelled and brown. Nneka smiled a little then turned her face away. She wasn’t sad, but at the same... Continue Reading →

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7 Practical Ways to Increase Motivation in Fiction Writing

In today's episode on "How to Crawl Out of The Dry Spell Alley," we'll look at simple and fascinating ways to discover motivation to write. One of the most frustrating experiences for a fiction writer is when words seem to have abandoned you. The joy of writing has faded and all that lack of motivation... Continue Reading →

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