I like the sound of happiness

Of merry-making and gladness

If joy was bottled up for sale

There’s no mountain I wouldn’t scale

I’ll get a million or much more

To bathe all who live in sadness core

If ecstasy was banned for life

Like a criminal it’ll be my knife

In hiding I’ll search and infect

All who suffer from hate’s defect

If smiles are tagged as evil

I’ll grin till I’m called the devil

If hugs are termed intrusive

Come, let me crush you, don’t be elusive

With my mind fixed on the bright side

I’ll make each day a joyride

When my life feels like a bed of roses

I’ll pop pills of gladness in huge doses

But when life feels like a bed of cactus

I’ll cry for a while then recover in my circus

©Ogbuenyi P. Nkem 


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