Boost Your Creative Writing Game With These 5 Steps

The human mind is capable of coming up with wild, intense, and exciting ideas, but it requires some imagination on the side of the writer to represent all of that in writing.

In today’s episode of “How to escape the This-Is-Boring-Writing Avenue”, I will be sharing 5 practical ways you can boost your creativity.  



Observe folks but not like a creep, please. Observing human behavior and how they react to people/situations/things is the easiest way to get inspired to create unforgettable characters. 

Develop a genuine curiosity for people too. To create really likable or relatable characters you have to hone your observation skills by studying human behavior. If you are not a good observer, whatever you portray in your writing will likely feel wooden. Observe the character trait of unpleasant people. Hang out with friends and loved ones. Pause and consider the motivation behind the choices people make.

Creativity Quote: Do not think of Creativity as something that's in short supply. Your ability to come up with unique ideas is endless. Look out to be inspired. Ideas are everywhere.


Good movies will teach you pacing, transition, dialogue, imagery, character interaction/description, and other creative elements. This is a different kind of “people watching” exercise, and it’s a lot of fun. Start being totally present and deliberate when viewing movies and notice how it benefits your writing.

Movie trailers are frequently jam-packed with scenes designed to grab attention, pique curiosity, and develop anticipation. They incorporate strong conversation and imagery that sticks with you long after you’ve seen the trailer. They tempt you with stunning images that make you want to see more. Trailers can help you figure out how to write high tension situations.

For Fantasy/Epic/Sci-Fi writers, watch John Carter of Mars trailer and see what I mean.

For Romance writers, watch Me Before You trailer 

Horror? THE NUN

Get inspired. Be present when watching a movie or its trailer. Make an effort to notice everything. Take down notes. Consider how you may describe a specific scene or activity. What about their facial expressions?


Journaling is the act of writing down your thoughts as they come to your mind.

How might keeping a journal help you write fiction? Journaling can serve to enrich dialogue and exposition (particularly character musing). Incorporating a few rephrased deep words from your journal into your dialogue or exposition might help give your character or plot more authenticity. If you utilize this strategy, be sure that the words you write represent the personality of the character in question or the story’s topic.

Fiction Writing Quote: Keep writing. One day at a time. Cut your tasks into little manageable pieces. REST. Applaud yourself. And post/Publish your stuff.


Do you write while listening to music? I do, and it makes the process more enjoyable. When I’m working on an epic scene with a lot of emotions, tension, or action, I listen to music while doing so. Epic/movie soundtracks assist to spark my creativity. The correct soundtrack might help you visualize the scene you want to create; it because a movie in your head. It also aids in establishing the tone you want to express in the situation. You can create different playlists for different scenes/mood.


Write down that idea as soon as it occurs to you. Do not make the excuse that you will recall later. I writes notes on my phone, but before that, I had a notebook where I scribbled down all of my ideas, and I even started writing some fiction there. My idea log helped me to start writing Gods and Queens. I had this battered notebook I carried around then, and one day I read through the story ideas and found the inspiration to write the first chapter. 

Going through your notes and reading some stories you started and dumped can boost creativity. Ever read a story you stopped writing and were mad at yourself because it was incomplete?

How do you boost your creativity? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

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